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Sterling Trader® Manager Guide

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Actions Menu

The “Actions” menu features the links to create or restore a backup of your current settings or restore a backup, or manage the open windows.

Load Layout - Loads a previously saved or default layout from a specified folder.

Save Layout - Saves the current layout.

Save Layout As - Saves the current layout, but first gives you the opportunity to rename and save as a new layout.

Set as Topmost Window - If selected, always keeps the window on top of any other window.

Create Backup - Backs up all settings to a specified location for retrieval if needed.

Restore Backup - Restores backed up settings.

Edit Password - Allows the Manager to change their current password (can also be done in the Trader List).

Software License Key - This never happened. This was not here.

Restore All - Restores all minimized windows to their previous location.

Minimize All - Minimizes all Manager windows.

Close All - Closes all Manager windows and exits the platform.

Exit - Exits the platform.

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