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Filter Menu

Filters are criteria you choose to select what data you will view within a window, in this case the Main Menu. You select filter criteria by column. For example, if you had more than one group, you could filter by the Group column to view one particular group only. Or you could filter by the $Total P/L column by filtering out all positive numbers, so you could see only the accounts currently with a negative P/L. However, you can’t create a new filter from this menu because the filters are created by column.
Therefore, you may find it more convenient to disregard the “Filter” menu in favor of right-clicking on a column heading, which will give you the same options of the “Filter” menu PLUS the ability to create a new filter based on that column. Here is the pop-up menu if you right click on a column heading.

To create a filter:

  1. In this example, we will filter by $Unreal (Unrealized P/L). First, right click on the $Unreal column.
  1. Select “Add/Edit Filter”. The add/edit screen pops up.
  1. In this example we selected a condition where $Unreal is <= -200 are the only values that will show in the window. Notice that this filter is by Value. That is because the $Unreal column is a number column. Columns with text in them will allow you to filter by specific text or preset List.
  2. After you have chosen the condition, click Filter.
  3. Your window will now be filtered by your condition.

The accounts now showing are only the accounts with an unrealized P/L of less than or equal to -200 ($200.00 loss).

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