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Sterling Trader® Pro Guide

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The Futures Order Entry window provides market depth and order entry functionality for futures.

This window shows the quote depth and the list of available futures symbols as well as P/L, position information on the selected futures product and quick cancel and trade-out buttons.

To access this window, go to the main toolbar WINDOWS > FUTURES.

To populate the window with a futures contract, use the dropdown menu or type the symbol into the symbol field:

Configure the order using the ‘Quantity’, ‘Price’, ‘Account’, ‘Destination’, ‘Tif’ fields, and if needed the ‘Price Type’, ‘Stp Limit price’, and ‘Currency’ fields.

  • Default values for some of these fields can be set in the Sterling Trader Pro Settings window.
  • Clicking on a market depth price row will set the order price to the price clicked.

Click the BUY or SELL button to submit the order.

Quick cancel / trade out cover buttons:

  • Cxl All – Cancels all open orders for the selected symbol
  • Cxl Buys – Cancels all open Buy orders for the selected symbol
  • Cxl Sells – Cancels all open Sell orders for the selected symbol
  • Cover Pos– Closes the position for the selected symbol at the current market


Colors – Select a color theme from the dropdown menu.

Level I bar highlighting - Select the cells to highlight in the Level I bar.

Defaults – Order quantity default. Type in a value or choose ‘Current Position’ from the dropdown menu.

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