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Sterling Trader® Pro Guide

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Options Risk

The Options Risk widow displays all options and underlying stock positions for each symbol aggregated in one row.

Open the Options Risk window from the main menu by clicking Windows > Options > Options Risk.

Click View > Settings to manage columns and colors within the window.

Options Risk columns:

Sym : Underlying Equity Symbol
Acct : Account
Pos Delta : Aggregated position delta
$Real : Realized profit or loss
$Unreal : Unrealized profit or loss
Total P/L : $Unreal + $Real.
Daily P/L : Equities = (Position x Last Price) - (Opg Position x Close Price) - ($Bot - $Sld).
Options = (Position x Shr/Contr x Last Price) - (Opg Position x Shr/Contr x Close Price) - ($Bot - $Sld).
Volatility : Current volatility for the symbol
AH : Auto-Hedge
Pos Gamma : Aggregated position Gamma
Pos Theta : Aggregated position Theta
Last : Last traded price
Chg : Difference between last traded price and previous day’s closing price

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