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Sterling Trader® Pro Guide

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Level 1 OE Settings

When ‘Clear’ button is pressed – Elect to either clear all fields or initialize all fields based on local Order Entry settings

After sending order – Designate handling of the Level I fields after an order is sent

After sending order set focus to the - Designate the field that will be active after sending an order

When current position changes – Choose to update side, quantity and price fields or leave fields unchanged

When Symbol or Account changes – Choose to update affected fields or leave all fields unchanged

Color the Side and Send controls based on side – The Side and Send fields will be filled with a color to designate the side of the order (Buy=blue, Sell=red, Sell Short=purple)

Open a Time And Sales window and a Chart upon startup - A Time and Sales window and Chart will open automatically when a new Level I OE window is opened.

Tab Order - Opens a window where the active field Tab key cycle order can be set

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