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Sterling Trader® Pro Guide

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Sterling Trader® Pro supports trading on several international exchanges and offers multi-currency functionality to calculate values in both the account’s base currency and the instrument’s native currency.

When an instrument is traded in a currency other than the account’s base currency, Sterling Trader Pro will automatically calculate position values and metrics in the base currency using the currency conversion rate.

The Expanded Order Entry Bar in the Level II window will display the current instrument’s native currency:

For an instrument that trades in a non-base currency, the Position Summary window will display all values converted from the instrument’s native currency to the account’s base currency. There are also fields which will display values in the native currency:

  • $Real(NC)
  • $Unreal(NC)
  • $Total P/L(NC)
  • $Net P/L(NC)
  • $BP Used(NC)

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