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Sterling Trader® Pro Guide

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The Spreads tool can be used to create custom spreads between a combination of two equity, option or Index symbols. Once created, spreads can be added to a Stock Watch window.

To create a spread:

  1. In the Main Menu, click on View –> Spreads. The Spreads window will populate with a group of preset spreads:
  1. Click the "Add…" button to open the “Add Spread” window:
  1. Type the desired symbols into the Symbol 1 and Symbol 2 fields
  2. Select the price type in the ‘Data 1’ and ‘Data 2’ dropdown menus -> Last, Bid, Ask, High, Low, Open, or Close
  3. Select the operator type in the ‘Operator 1’ and ‘Operator 2’ dropdown menus -> Minus, Plus, Times, or Divided by
  4. Type a value in the ‘Constant 1’ and ‘Constant 2’ fields to use with the corresponding ‘Operator’
  5. Use the ‘Take the result and:’ menu along with the ‘Constant’ field to further modify the spread calculation
  6. Click OK. The new spread will be added to the Spreads window and will be available to add to any Stock Watch

*Options can be added in the ‘Symbol’ fields using this format (no spaces): SYMBOL YYMMDD C/P STRIKE .O

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